This year

We celebrated our 33rd anniversary

by expanding into its own space under a new identity reflecting our current composition and focus,


More than a school... We are a community!



When was New Wave founded?
New Wave Martial Arts and Fitness has offered students more than a school. We have served as a tight-knit community of friends and family dedicated to excellence in martial arts.  It was founded as a Shaolin Kenpo Karate school in 1985 by Shihan Erik Kugel.  In March of 2000, the at the time New Wave Self Defense (NWSD) was passed down to Fernando Fialho (the Kenpo senior student), Carlos De La Cruz, and Silas Pinto.  NWSD has since expanded to an academy that offers several programs – ranging from Fitness to the explosive Sanshou/Sanda (Kickboxing), to the fluid arts of Judo and Afro-Brazilian Capoeira.  New Wave Self Defense was renamed NEW WAVE MARTIAL ARTS & FITNESS in 2015 to better reflect the full range of services.


Who are the current directors of New Wave?

New Wave is currently directed by Sifu Silas Pinto (Mestre Tigri), Instrutor Artur Ribeiro (Skaru), and Shihan Fernando Fialho.  Despite the expansions and changes, one thing has remained the same – a sense of community, fellowship and commitment to excellence in the performing arts we offer.


What should I expect when I visit New Wave?

When you walk through the doors at New Wave, you will experience a top-notch martial arts education, but you will also experience the individual attention that will help you succeed.  As a New Wave student, you are encouraged to try all of the arts that we offer and find the path that fits your passion and your goals. we offer the kinds of programs and support that will help you to grow and learn regardless of your age or physical condition.


What is something particular or unique about New Wave?

One of the greatest strengths of New Wave is the instructors – each with distinct and diverse set of skills that allow for outreaching to a range of students with different personalities and learning styles.


When can I start training?

New Wave programs run all year-round.  Students can join a program at any time.  We have classes that meet the demands of all skill levels.  Some programs integrate beginners to advanced to maximize exposure to the varying levels.


How old does my child have to be to start training?

The Capoeira and Kenpo programs are open to children as young as 3 years old.  This depends on the recommendation of the instructor after the 2 week trial period.  Some children are ready at 3, but most around 4 to 5.  We also have a program specifically designed for the younger children ages 3-5, called the Tiny Tigers program.  Think of the program as a Pre-K for the martial arts, where the students are introduced to the various skills of the arts until they are ready to select a particular style.


What are the tuition rates?

Tuition only applies to training classes.  Please refer our Zenplanner link on the top right-hand corner to access all registration information.


What are testing fees?

The testing fee is not a part of membership tuition.

Eligibility for testing is based on: first, student attendance, and second, instructor nomination based on student's relative readiness/progress.  NO student is promoted without testing.  Decisions for promotion are jointly by senior instructors on testing days.

Testing is deducted for eligible students 3 times per year during the graduation cycles (end of April, August, and December).

Testing exemptions must be cleared with chief instructors of respective programs.


What is the New Wave training membership and cancellation policy?

Memberships are a commitment to the school for periods of 3, 6, and 12 months.  The longer the commitment, the lower the rates.

We have an option to freeze an account for $10/month until return.  This guarantees your membership status and rate.  For cancellation, we DO NOT have a cancellation fee; however, we REQUIRE a 1-month notice.  Tuition are paid monthly or at a discounted one-time, in-full payment.


What are the tuition rates?

Tuition only applies to training classes.  Please refer our Zenplanner link on the top right-hand corner to access all registration information.


What is the uniform policy?

Each program has its own uniform.  All students are expected to be in full, clean uniform in class.  When not in full Gi uniform, students must have a school Tshirt as an alternative.  T-shirts are highly recommended for sparring classes.


What is the training schedule?

The full schedule is available at the homepage.  If you have any questions regarding appropriate placement, please see the respective head instructors.


What is the class cancellation policy?

New wave is generally closed for two main reasons.  1) Inclement weather and 2) certain observed national holidays.  In case of cancellation, you will see the announcement in several locations: a) website calendar, b) email from staff, and c) our facebook page.


Typical closed dates: MLK Day, President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day(s), Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, and finally from December 24th to January 1st.